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Eleanor Forte (Developmental Codename: ENG-F1) is an American English voicebank for the SynthV software, and currently the only one released for the software. She was initially released on August 18, 2018.


Personality Edit

Despite being a virtual singer, Eleanor has an interest in antiques. She is described to be honest, endeavoring, and to have an unwavering sense of morality.


Her first name, "Eleanor", has the meaning of light or bright with a sense of nobility, and her last name, "Forte", has the meaning of strenght and refrences the musical dynamic, forte, which literaly translates to loud.


The sealing wax and tied ribbon on the design are inspired by hand-written letters. The thread around her pinky is inpisred by the red thread of fate, that indicates that if two people are connected by a red thread they are destined to meet each other. Her dress is inspired by dip-pens.

History Edit

2017 Edit

In November, a demo showcasing SynthV was uploaded to youtube. One of the songs shown included ENG-F1, singing a Lana Del Ray song.

2018 Edit

A demo created by kyaami was uploaded to Youtube and SoundCloud.

Music featuring Eleanor Forte Edit

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Examples of usage

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Romaji/English Lightspeed
Category Self-cover song
Dear Sad Eyes
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Romaji/English Dear Sad Eyes
Category Original songs
The Red Ivy
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Romaji/English The Red Ivy
Category Original song
Raindrops (An Angel Cried)
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Category Cover
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Demonstrations Edit


Unveiling Synthesizer V YouTube
SILENCE YouTube SoundCloud

Voicebank Libraries Edit

Product Information
  Genre: Unannounced  Tempo: Unannounced  Range: Unannounced
Basic details
Language as noted:
  • This voicebank were recorded for the English language.
Software issues as noted:

sometimes says ch instead of t

Additional Information Edit

Reputation Edit

Eleanor Forte's character status
  • First SynthesizerV voicebank to be released.
  • First english voicebank to be released.

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Eleanor gallery
The image gallery for Eleanor Forte may be viewed here.

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