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• 12/25/2018

Can someone make portrtaits for the existing characters?

I know there are not that many people visting the wiki, but is there anyone that can make good portraits for the existing characters so that they can be displayed on the main page. I would just make a simple template thing like every single vocal synthesizer wiki has but, here's the thing, i don't want it to look generic.

If there's no one that can but doesn't want to work on it then i can try to make them on my own (but it'll most likely not be consistent)

But if someone *that can make good portraits* wants to work on it then an example is right below this messege.

PS: I would perfer it if it the art for those portraits is the one that their infoboxes have. Also the green used for the outline (I can't remember the word) is the synthV green, #15e879, and different shades of it.

Thank you for reading!

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• 11/5/2018

I see no reason to have more than one Synth V wiki

Hey! I'm posting this on both wikis. I think having more than one wiki for Synth V is confusing and unneeded. This wiki is currently the most complete right now. So I'm proposing that this wiki and the other join together as one. With this one as the main wiki, and move over any info the other one has that this one might not have. Anyone agree? Here is the other Synth V wiki I'm referencing.

EDIT: For some reason, posting discussions on the other wiki is not working.

EDIT AGAIN: Just realized that the founder of this wiki already knows about this... Hehe. Guess I look like a goof now, huh? XD

Should the two wikis merge?
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  • No
  • Other (Please describe your opinion below)
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